The Role of Women in the Audiovisual Industry

The role of women has evolved over time and adapted to the social context. We analyze the representation of the female figure in the audiovisual industry of the past year. As an example, we propose the prominent role of Emma Stone portraying Bella Baxter.

Cinema, like all other forms of art, expresses emotions, sensations, thoughts, and ideologies. In the case of “Poor Creatures,” we have Bella Baxter as the protagonist. Bella is a young woman with childlike features. She begins by discovering the world and the sensations it provokes in her both physically and emotionally. With the help of her “father” and caregiver, Bella explores and experiences human relationships. We see a curious and innocent woman. We perceive a brave, determined woman. This stage of life can be compared to the childhood and youth of a woman.

Later on, Bella encounters society. She travels accompanied by a man who represents an unhealthy relationship in her life. After experiencing this relationship, the protagonist rejects it and follows her instincts. Unhappy with her partner’s lack of emotional stability, she distances herself from him. We discover a woman true to herself, rejecting any type of obsessive relationship that doesn’t bring her happiness. It is important to highlight independence and loyalty to oneself. This moment in her life can be compared to the romantic relationships a woman may experience throughout her life. All the teachings and learnings that these relationships leave behind and the personal evolution they represent.

We continue to observe the role of women in the audiovisual industry through Bella Baxter. Not content with her relationship, she contemplates a world that also does not bring her happiness. We see a withered, ruthless, and classist society. This reaction leads her to return to her place of origin. An even more hostile environment where she encounters a ruthless and cruel man. He wants to dominate her and suppress her desire to explore, confining her. This period represents the search for herself where she finds no pleasing traits but is able to free herself.

To conclude this analysis, we see a liberated woman in search of her happiness. She decides to dedicate time to building her life. Focusing on her knowledge, her peace, and choosing healthy relationships in her environment. All of this happens in an unusual context, with a surrealistic tone. Through the focus on the role of women in this character, we approach the contemporary woman.

Bella’s evolution is a metaphor for the evolution of women’s role in Western society. When analysing the role of women in the audiovisual industry, we find ourselves at arguably the pinnacle of female liberation.

Film, like all art, has various interpretive branches. This time, we analyze the journey of Bella Baxter. A dystopian representation of the female figure. The film “Poor Creatures” follows a surrealist style made possible extraordinarily by all production elements. The settings are created to scale and seek an unconventional representation of the places outlined in the script. Similarly, the costumes adapt to represent each stage of Bella’s life. Additionally, the technical teams for both sound and image accompany the narration and emphasize the feelings it transmits.

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