Our scouting service for audiovisual production refers to the process of locating the best scenary for your production. Our scouting team plays a crucial role in this step of pre-production. We can find any place you can imagine will be found by our location manager. Thats includes natural habitats, routes, beaches, building landscapes, and urban landscapes. As a company with vast knowledge of the Spanish territory. We manage productions in emblematic places. For example the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Canary Island, circuits around Spain, and many other locations that can fit your requirements perfectly.

In most cases, this process begins with script analysis and discussion between the director and production team. It’s important determine the exact location for each scene or sequence in the film. As part of our location manager process, we scout potential locations around Spain that fit in your project. During the scouting process, we visit various potential locations. Both indoor and outdoor, to assess their suitability. We evaluate accurate factors such as aesthetics, architecture, lighting conditions, acoustics, accessibility, availability, logistical considerations. Also we appreciate the overall atmosphere or mood required for the project.

Our mission is to provide exceptional film sets in order you can tell your story. In addition create unique scenes by narrating your ideas for audiovisual productions in Spain. Our team typically documents each potential location through photographs, videos, or detailed notes. This information helps the production team make informed decisions.  Furthermore communicate effectively with the client. The selected locations ultimately shape the visual and storytelling aspects of the audiovisual production.

Scouting is a collaborative and creative process that requires a keen eye for detail. A deep understanding of the script and artistic vision, effective communication skills. Moreover the ability to work within budgetary constraints and time limitations. The ultimate goal is to find locations that enhance the audiovisual production and contribute to the overall success of the project.

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