The perfect location for Black Mirror

“Black Mirror” is being filmed in Spain. The renowned Netflix series directed by Charlie Brooker, has generated great anticipation wherever its audiovisual production has focused. The series has gained fame through its effective use of dystopia and satire. The objective is comment on our current society and depict a not-so-distant future where technology takes center stage in our daily lives.

Firstly, season 6 has departed from the familiar content. This time, the director delved into social behavior related to social media and audiovisual products. The analogy to Netflix using the Streamberry platform has garnered attention. Streamberry served as a universe connecting multiple episodes.

Moreover, “Beyond The Sea” is the third episode of the season, set in a retro-futuristic context. The art direction chose a well-known house in L’eliana, a neighborhood just minutes away from the center of Valencia. This house provided the perfect backdrop for one of the episode’s protagonists.

Looking back two seasons to the fourth season, Lanzarote serves as the key setting of the third episode. Filming took place at Playa Bermeja, located in the Natural Park of the Volcanoes, with a crew of 80 people. According to official sources, the audiovisual production generated a profit of 270,000 euros on the island, contributing to improving the area’s reputation and economy.

The southern part of the country also played a significant role, with the city of Granada hosting one of the most representative scenes of the fifth season. “The Desert House” became a primary setting in episode 2, “Smithereens.” This house, constructed to test the resilience of its glass against desert weather conditions, is currently used as a filming location for audiovisual productions.

In summary, “Black Mirror” has left an indelible mark on Spanish cinematography, synonymous with recognition for such productions. Any filming requires the right location, necessitating careful consideration of spaces. That’s why thorough research and scouting services are essential for your audiovisual project.

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