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We are pleased to announce our success, having collaborated with Arnaud Taquet on the audiovisual production project for Hispano Suiza. Arnaud Taquet has been honored with a prestigious award in the world of photography. He had the second place in “The Best Photography Awards”. Taquet has established himself as one of the best in his field. His work stands out not only in the realm of audiovisual production but also has gained international recognition. At Tangenio, we work near professional advertising as a team that seeks our client’s success in the market.

Global Recognition

Also Arnaud Taquet is listed among the top 100 photographers in the world. Holding the 33rd position, his dedication and creativity have led him to achieve this prominent standing. He stands out for his technical prowess and his ability to innovate.

Mastery in Product Photography

In addition, Taquet transforms everyday objects into visual masterpieces, specializing in product photography. His meticulous approach and keen eye for detail set him apart in the competitive world of audiovisual production. Arnaud has worked as a professional photographer on projects for luxury brands like Hispano Suiza. We made posible this audiovisual production. It was conducted collaboratively and took place in a museum on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Innovation in Audiovisual Production

His work spans various areas of audiovisual production, including promotional and commercial videos. Utilizing advanced techniques and a creative approach, he produces content that stands out and differentiates itself in a saturated market. He has worked as a commercial photographer, event/production manager, and director of photography (video) for renowned car manufacturers such as BMW, Lexus, McLaren Automotive, Alpina GmbH, Seat, Audi, Pagani Automobili, Hyundai Motors, VW Group, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, among others.

A Promising Future

With his recent award and his ranking among the world’s best photographers, the future of Arnaud Taquet in audiovisual production and product photography is bright. He will continue to push boundaries and set new standards in the industry, inspiring other photographers and creatives to follow his lead.

In conclusion, the recognition of Arnaud Taquet as one of the world’s best photographers and his recent award are a testament to his talent and dedication. His contribution to product photography and audiovisual production remains an inspiration to many.

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