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Press presentation

These press events represents an opportunity for the media to directly experience the product and share their evaluations with the public. It is a dynamic and immersive presentation that aims to captivate the audience.

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Corporate events

This kind of gathering becomes the epicentre where the organization unfolds its most recent achievements, sharing with stakeholders and collaborators the guidelines that will shape the future direction.

Test drives

We are passionate about providing our customers with an exceptional driving experience. Discover the thrill of driving in Barcelona and be captivated by the elegance and performance of our top-notch vehicles.

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Inmersive experiences

The Immersive Experience in the automotive domain redefines virtual driving by immersing the user in a unique encounter. Through virtual reality, participants practice driving diverse vehicles in varied scenarios, providing a realistic simulation.

Event coverage

Providing quality, event coverage is essential for documenting and communicating significant moments, whether they are corporate conferences, concerts, cultural festivals, or any other important gathering.

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