CUPRA Formentor VZ5


This audiovisual production was conducted at the renowned Ronda circuit in southern Spain during the month of August. The filming and production team comprised 20 professionals, ensuring seamless operations between the circuit and the hotels where the staff was accommodated. We meticulously managed the logistics and post-production processes to deliver a polished final product.

Key aspects of the production include:

Filming and Production Details:
  • Location: Ronda circuit, Southern Spain
  • Timeframe: August
  • Team: 20-member filming and production crew
  • Logistics Management: Coordinated transfers between the circuit and hotels for staff convenience
  • Professional Expertise: Hired a skilled professional driver to execute shots requiring car skidding, tailored to client specifications
Comprehensive Service Overview:
  • Logistics Coordination: Efficient organization of transportation and accommodation for the production team
  • Specialized Talent: Ensured high-quality action shots by employing a professional driver
  • Post-Production Excellence: Delivered a refined and compelling final product through meticulous post-production work

By managing all aspects from logistics to post-production, we provided a seamless and professional audiovisual production experience that met the specific needs of our client.

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