Behind every audiovisual production

When we see the final result of an audiovisual production, we only glimpse a fraction of the work that goes into it. In our case, we have collaborated closely with major brands in the automotive sector on large-scale audiovisual productions featuring vehicles, a pivotal element. Below, we present a brief overview of our work as an audiovisual production company.

Firstly, the client contacts us through one of our communication channels, presenting a project aimed at developing a creative idea to promote a product. Once the idea is solidified, it’s crucial to consider where and when the production will take place. To address the ‘where’ aspect, we provide a scouting service. The goal of this service is to identify suitable filming locations. This involves preliminary research, visiting potential locations that align with the project’s initial concept.

Once the location is chosen and the timing is determined, we offer filming permit services. To execute the desired project, we require the necessary permits to film in the chosen locations. Each location necessitates different permits, and we liaise with various institutions to obtain them. Our team ensures the necessary filming permits and commits to supporting the client in case of any issues.

Subsequently, we handle the logistical management of the project, providing solutions for any challenges that may arise. This allows our clients to entrust us with any logistical complexities. We boast a comprehensive and specialised team, equipped with all the necessary audiovisual equipment to capture the required shots.

In essence, we tailor each of our services to meet our clients’ needs, offering a 360-degree service with the aim of delivering high-quality audiovisual products. Additionally, we continually innovate, both in terms of equipment and training.

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