Your audiovisual production will be perfect in Barcelona

Barcelona has been the appropriate backdrop for many national and international audiovisual productions, including films, series, documentaries, and commercials. Audiovisual production companies choose the corners of the Catalan capital as the setting for their productions.

Regarding architecture:

The city’s modernist style predominates in its buildings and remains faithful to elements inspired by nature, far from straight lines and geometric figures. The aim is to immortalize water, vegetation, and animals’ movement. Antoni Gaudí is considered the ultimate exponent of this style and the undisputed protagonist of Catalan tourist routes.

Favorable climate:

The sun shines most of the year, which is one of the reasons the city is a preferred destination for tourists. The Mediterranean Sea in summer, the mountains in winter, and Catalan gastronomy are the stars of this charming destination. Additionally, daylight saving time allows for more than 12 hours of sunlight, which can benefit your audiovisual production.

Area distribution:

Let’s examine the different spaces available in Barcelona’s districts. Sant Martí and Ciutat Vella, in addition to the iconic buildings hidden in their streets, are located by the beach. This beach features a promenade, a port, and, of course, businesses dedicated to maritime life for generations.

Firts, L’Eixample is divided into Esquerra and Dreta and distinguishes Barcelona with its geometric street and avenue layout. As many know, the Cerdà Plan resulted in symmetrical octagonal city blocks. Moreover Sants i Montjuic features a cable car and iconic buildings such as museums and the most significant transportation stations. This connects the city with the rest of the region.

In contrast, Sarrià houses stately buildings and spacious areas belonging to the wealthiest families. This is considerate a residelcial area.

On another hand, Nou Barris and Horta Guinardó are located on the outskirts of the city center and house the majority of recently built residences. The borders continue to expand over the years.

If you have an audiovisual production company and are looking for the most ideal setting to offer your audiovisual services, consider all the advantages that a city like Barcelona can offer you

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