5 tips about drone operation

Below are 5 useful tips about drone operation. The importance of having a broad knowledge of regulations and the functioning of this tool. The results of operating a drone may surprise you:

  1. The Catalan capital was one of the first European cities to regulate drones. In 2016, the mayor approved a set of regulations that establish the conditions for operating drones within the city.
  2. Residents of Barcelona can apply for a license to operate this type of equipment. This license must be renewed annually.
  3. A dedicated drone port has been built where drones can be piloted. This place provides an opportunity for those who have never had the chance to operate this machinery before. The port is equipped with safety. Also there are other measures to protect people and private property in the surrounding area.
  4. Furthermore, Barcelona is home to a research center at the University of Barcelona that focuses on the development of new technologies related to drone usage.
  5. The city hosts the Drone Challenge, a competition for drone pilots in various categories. This event has attracted participants from around the world.

Also capturing images from above has long existed, but filming equipment technology has advanced over time. Drones are the result of that progress. The benefits of using a drone for your shots are numerous. On one hand, there is a unique perspective for capturing images through an aerial view.

Additionally, the cost of hiring equipment for aerial panoramic shots has decreased significantly. The equipment does not require fuel. A drone can access great heights without obstacles.

We commit to understanding our city’s new filming permit regulations. This allows us to provide accurate information to those in need. If you’re a production company wanting to film in Barcelona, contact us. You can learn all the necessary requirements.

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